Bedankt voor uw interesse in een samenwerking met ons!

Open House Spain is vertegenwoordigd in de grote steden van Europa en heeft een goede positie in Google en andere zoekmachines- en alle informatie is verkijgbaar in verschillende talen.

Onze hoofdbestemmingen zijn:
en vele andere in

Als u een accommoadie aanbiedt wat is bedoelt voor verhuur aan professionelen en toeristen door het hele jaar kunnen wij u twee opties bieden zodat u vanaf de eerste dag boekingen krijgt.


Nadat wij uw aanvraag (zie beneden) hebben ontvangen, zullen wij kijken naar uw bezit en u advies geven op het gebied van de foto´s, interieur, prijzen en andere aspecten. Als uw bezit eenmaal is toegevoegd zullen wij uw boekingsaanvragen regelen en u alleen de bevestigde boekingen doorsturen.

Vanaf dat moment is de eigenaar verantwoordelijk voor de check-in, schoonmaak en de andere nodige zaken etc.

De service:
- biedt geen exclusiviteit
- betekend dat de opname van uw woning gratis is. Wij ontvangen alleen provisie per bevestigde reservering die wij u zenden
- vereist de ondertekening van een contract die de aansprakelijkheid vastlegt.

Er zijn GEEN kosten verbonden aan het inschrijven van uw woning! Het is GRATIS! Als wij u geen boekingen sturen zijn er geen kosten- wat wilt u nog meer? u heeft als garantie een bedrijf gevonden die zich 100% inzet voor het verhuren van uw bezit en uw inkomen maximaliseerd

VOLLE MANAGEMENT (beschikbaarheid hangt af van bestemming)

Bevat dezelfde services als hierboven, maar als eigenaar hoeft u niets te doen. U geeft ons de sleutels van de woning en alles wordt 100% door ons geregelt, schoonmaak, check-in tot alle kleine details etc. U hoeft alleen maar te relaxen en te genieten van uw maandelijkse inkomen.

Deze service:
- geeft exclusiviteit
- maandelijkse kosten voor de gemaakte reserveringen
- vereist de ondertekening van een contract die de aansprakelijkheid vastlegt

Wij zullen u constant op de hoogte houden van het succes van uw accommodatie en wij passen de prijzen aan zoals het er op de markt voorstaat. Om dit proces uit te voeren, hebben wij statistieken voor duizenden van onze boekingen, sta ons toe om het beste uit uw accommodatie te halen!

Als uw accommodatie is inbegrepen, is het gratis- wij zullen u alleen kosten toeleggen als het succes opleverd.
- Aanvraag voor registratie -
Who is belongs to the company Open House Spain S.L., which was created in 1997. Nowadays, it is one of the leading companies in the market for rentals of holiday apartments on the internet with various Web pages, including:
and several others
If you would like to know more, you can also consult the Web page about us.

What type of accommodation is included in its catalogue?

OH has focused on the rental of apartments within the main tourist capitals within Europe. If you offer accommodation in the centre of one of the following cities, we will be delighted to consider a future collaboration:
Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Seville, Vienna, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam.
Should you provide accommodation outside of the cities listed above, please feel free to contact our Proprietor Service department in order to look into the possibilities available to you.

As a proprietor, how much does OH's service cost?

OH's service is entirely free of charge. We do not charge for the inclusion of your property in our sales catalogue, for the translation of texts or for the advice we give.
If no reservations are made at your property, there will be no charge- what better guarantee could you wish for when looking for a company 100% committed to renting your property and maximizing your income?
Only in the eventuality of success- a confirmed reservation being sent- do we charge commission. The client will pay in full upon arrival. It's that quick and easy. No settlement fee, no invoices, no paperwork...
(Should you be interested in an alternative option, please feel free to contact us).

What price can I apply to my accommodation?

Obviously, this depends upon the type of accommodation and its characteristics; however as the proprietor you can choose the price that you wish. Nevertheless, the market will decide whether or not the accommodation sells, and a large part of this depends upon the price. Nowadays, there are many and varied programs and Web pages which enable the comparison of prices, and therefore you should be conscious of this fact and strive to offer reasonable and competitive prices. These days, offering holiday accommodation is a business, and we need close collaboration with the proprietor in order to successfully sell the property.
For this reason, we will be delighted to help you at every step so as to optimize your profits.
At OH, we have access to price comparison programs for thousands of reservations every month, and so we can help you find the right price.
In general, payment for rental will be given in cash upon arrival.

I want to include my hotel on your Web pages. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact us.

What does the lowest price guarantee mean?

In order to be competitive and successful, it is absolutely essential that the prices we publish upon our Web pages, inclusive of our commission, should be the lowest in existence upon the market. This includes the publication of your property upon another Web page, on your own Web page or within the accommodation itself, and it also includes any last minute offers.
We remind you that we only charge in the case of confirmed reservations, which guarantee you that we will be doing our utmost to rent your property.

Do I have to sign a contract with Open House Spain S.L.?

We have a contract of collaboration online which the proprietor needs to agree to and which regulates our relationship. It states the obligations of both parties.
As the rental of tourist accommodation is a serious subject, and brings with it certain responsibilities and expectations, we only wish to work alongside people who are serious and who are willing to sign a document which includes matters that we consider to be of importance.

If I don't want to/can't carry out the task of check-in, cleaning etc., does OH have a service that would cover this?
Depending upon the destination, we would be delighted to carry out this service in full. If you prefer this option, please feel free to contact us.

What should I do about additional costs such as water, electricity etc.?

Generally speaking, the cost for these expenses should be included in the tariffs that you communicate to us for the rental of your property. Bear in mind that having a price structure always leads to an extra 50% in bookings! Users of our Web pages do not like to have to do additional calculations in order to work out how much extra surcharges might come to.

Is it advisable to request the payment of a booking deposit?

This is dependant upon the circumstances, however as a general rule we recommend that you should ask for one. On the other hand, it is a recognized custom for hotel stays to ask for a deposit of between 100 and 250 euros per stay.
You should also bear in mind that it is a payment- although refundable- that could influence a client to choose between one accommodation and another. Hotels do not generally ask for one because they have significant vandalism cover, which allows them to forego a payment which would cause them a great deal of administrative work. If you are offering several apartments, we would recommend you to contract this type of insurance cover and to include the cost in the price of rental.

What does the maintenance of a calendar mean?

In order to be able to sell your property online, we require you to keep a calendar indicating the property's availability up to date as conscientiously as possible. It is the base that clients use to make reservations and for payments, and therefore it is absolutely vital that it is always 100% up-to-date.
There are some destinations that we have on request and therefore we would call before confirming a reservation. Please contact us if you require further information on this point.
For establishments offering various different accommodations we offer a service for the synchronization of these calendars.

Why rent for days and not for months/years?

Renting for days tends to lead to higher profits than fixed long-term rentals. However, it also requires greater attention and dedication.

What is the procedure for putting a property online?

Once you have registered your property on our Website, we will get in contact with you in order to complete the details that we need, such as appliances, photos, prices etc. In order to start collaboration, it is also necessary to accept the contract.
We will accompany you every step of the way, in a personalised fashion, carefully checking every necessary detail. Our first priority is to include only properties that meet the quality standards of the company. This is necessary in order to later guarantee the sale of your property.

Will I have a designated contact person at Open House Spain S.L.?

Contact with proprietors is one of the most important jobs carried out by the company, as they represent the base of our business. For this reason, a designated agent, specialised in your area, will be your point of contact.
You will always know who to speak to and, at every moment, your designated agent will be at your full disposal to assist you in any doubts or queries you may have.

How can I get in contact with ?

Please consult our contact page.

Where is located?

The location of the head office for the company, as well as where the company was created, is in Barcelona. But due to the fact that we are an online agency which offers its services via different Web pages in different languages, representation for every destination is not imperative. Our in situ representatives and collaborators are the proprietors, with whom we develop a long-term and trusting relationship.
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