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The web page is limited to private use and commercial usage will not be tolerated. The user is not entitled to make copies of the page nor parts thereof. The presentation, publishing, exposition, alteration or fabrication of a web page based on this page or part of it are forbidden without the express permission of Open House Spain S.L. The right to use the web page to obtain information or to make a booking is conceded only to persons over the age of 18; individuals; legal persons; or to representatives of institutions or companies.  We reserve the right to change the web page, parts thereof and its content as and when is deemed necessary. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on the web page, it contains informative material which is reliant upon third persons and/or institutions. For this reason, we do not claim responsibility for the said information.

Upon requesting a booking the user agrees to enter into a contract according to the conditions of use set forth and from this moment will be referred to as client. Once booking confirmation is sent by Open House Spain S.L. via Electronic mail, fax or by post a valid contract will be finalised. We reserve the right to amend any errors owing to mistakes in calculations or orthography. The client is fully answerable to all of the obligations set forth within the contract and is responsible for all people accompanying them and whom are included within the reservation.

All of the tariffs are quoted in Euros (€). Changes in the exchange rates of currency are updated regularly. Although unlikely, it may nevertheless occur that prices vary very slightly.

Upon making a booking the user authorises Open House Spain S.L. to charge their credit card (or other approved means of payment) for each and every purchase of service, requested by the user within the page.

Open House Spain S.L. takes every possible precaution to protect information relating to users on our web page. The personal data of users will be protected on-line as well as in our offices. Upon the client entering personal data (such as credit card numbers) onto our forms, this information is coded and protected by the best software on the market - SSL and PGP. A secure page, such as our forms for reserving accommodation or courses, bears a closed lock within the navigator, such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, whilst on other pages which are simply being navigated the lock appears open. At the same time as using SSL software to protect personal data on-line and PGP to protect this during the transmission of data, we also do everything within our power to protect the user offline.

Confirmation of booking is received on screen, and by email, after the reservation having been sent. Mails may arrive to your Spam folder, and therefore it is necessary to check all of your e-mail folders in any eventuality.          

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