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We at have the same beliefs as Intermón Oxfam including justice, global solidarity, as well peace throughout the world. Since we want to contribute to make this world a little better, we feel that supporting Oxfam International is a great way to help people in some of the world's poorest countries receive the attention they desperately need. Intermón Oxfam's objectives are the same as our own:
To help individuals assure confidence in themselves thereby dutifully assisting them in their right to a dignified existence.
Help us help them: with each reservation that goes through the usage of the website, we will donate 1,00€ per reservation to the Intermon Oxfam charity in helping them establish the sufficient funds for the creation of the following project:

Education in Niassa, Mozambique
At Intermón Oxfam we are people who eblieve in justice, solidarity and peace which is why we are working to change the world. We consider that one of the most effective ways to come to the aid of the populations of some of the world's poorest countries is by assisting them in achieving self-worth and being able to feel and live with the natural dignity which they are entitled to. The complexity of this global world that we live in requires action. With this notion in mind, we cooperate with more than 500 separate programs in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. We act in emergency situations as well, promoting fair labor practices, and persuading global companies to act in a socially conscienscious and responsible manner. These programs that have been created have all been done in order to promote social justice and combat against unfair labor practices which continuously promote poverty. In order to wage battle against these problems, we have allied ourselves with 11 other major NGO associations with whom we feel that we share common principals, objectives and ethics. This group has come to be known as Oxfam Internacional. In Spain, we count on 7 sedes, in Barcelona, A Coruña, in Bilbao, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza, 34 committees and 30 fair commerce stores. In Niassa, one of Mozambique's northwestern provinces, about 70% of the adult population is illiterate. Young children, especially young girls, have no access to a decent education because of an inefficient and lackluster educational system. Intermón Oxfam has been diligently working in Niassa since 1998 in attempting to elevate the struggle against illiteracy. Through the building of schools, the development of courses for adults, the creation of teacher programs, as well as the supplying of school materials, Oxfam has been working very hard in Niassa.;

The work project in Niassa It has now been 4 years since Intermón Oxfam has worked on this education program in Niassa. Over the course of these years, we have created 39 centers to fight illiteracy, and have organized and completed the construction of 2 schools while projecting the implementation of 5 more learning centers. In similar fashion, we have equipped 112 schools with books, materials, stationary, as well as teacher training for elementary and secondary schools. We have also helped train adults with professional technical training. Moreover, we have opened 6 libraries and developed 10 pedagogical centers with all the necessary material to properly train new teachers.
What does Intermón Oxfam want to do now? But there is still much work to be done which is why we the resolve must be met through the elaboration of an education plan for the entirety of the province which will help with the planning of continuing education in Niassa. Through dedication and prolonged efforts, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the application and construction of new schools of both primary and secondary education levels, as well as building the corrseponding housing facilities for teachers. Thanks in large part to the generous donations from contributors to Intermón Oxfam, we now can equipe classrooms with school supples and educational materials, build new institutions for higher learning, as well as fund the teaching for new school teachers. In Niassa, it is frightening to see the lack of means and resources that the people have at their disposal. However, these conditions do not deter them from a will to work. There is great motivation for a better tomorrow and an even stronger future but education is the key to their prosperity.
If you want to know more about the project or the cooperation between and Intermón Oxfam, please contact us or Intermón oxfam. To become a member, or make individual donations to this, or other projects, please contact Intermón Oxfam directly.

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