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We're not only here to help you find that perfect accommodation. On the contrary - we also want to ensure that your expectations of Berlin are met, and even exceeded, during your visit. We want you to experience, explore, and discover the city to the fullest, and to help you along your way, we've taken it upon ourselves to negotiate some fantastic discounts with our best-known partner businesses. In the mix, you'll find reductions on loads of activities and tours, such as Segway tours, bike tours, Ayurveda treatments, and even professionally guided city sightseeing tours - so feel free to take your pick.



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Bike Rentals by Fat Tite Bike Rental

25% discount for your first day of rental

The healthy and fun way to discover Berlin

Exploring Berlin on a bike is easy and stress-free. The many cycle paths in Berlin and the flat streets make this a fun experience for everyone. With over 8 years of experience Fat Tire Bike Rental is the perfect choice when it comes to bike rentals in Berlin. The young and experienced staff are always happy to help and to give you top tips and advice.

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  • Bike rentals at Alexander Platz and the Zoo train station Save 25% on the first day's rental price

Spa treatments with Sri Dhanvantar

15% off Ayurveda massages and spa treatments

An oasis of peace in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg

The Sri Dhanvantari Center for Ayurveda & Wellness provides an oasis of calm in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. The therapists have up to 18 years' experience, and are all highly qualified. The Center attracts its clients with a wide selection of treatments, at fair prices. So come on in, let yourself be pampered in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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  • Abhyanga - full-body massage with warm scented oils 15% discount
  • Synchronabhyanga - synchronized, 4-handed full-body massage 15% discount
  • Swedana - Ayurvedic steam bath with bouquet garni 15% discount
  • Shirodhara - the royal Shirodhara treatment (oils poured directly on the forehead) 15% discount
  • Spa treatment day - massages, steam bath, Shirodhara treatment, Ayurvedic sweets... 15% discount
  • Beauty treatment day - massage, steam bath, Ayurvedic beauty treatment, fruit plate, sweets   15% discount

City Segway Tours Berlin

15% on all guided Tours

See more. Less effort. More fun

City Segway Tours has been offering guided tours on board these quirky one-man contraptions since 2008, making them the first of their kind in Berlin. The friendly staff and tour guides have years of experience, and are always more than happy to provide helpful tips and advice to their customers.

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  • Guided Segway tours through the city 15% off the City Tour or the Mini Segway Tour

Berlin Bike Tours with Fat Tire Bike Tours

Get a discount of 20% for all guided Tours

Explore the City by bike

Fat Tire Bike Tours and its subsidiary Stadt und Rad lead Berlin visitors safely and securely through the city, sharing their extensive knowledge and interesting insights along the way. Reservations are not required. Please be sure to inform yourself ahead of time about the specific tour dates and times. These vary, depending on language.

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  • Berlin city tour or themed routes 20% discount on all guided tours through Berlin

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